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Together Inspired

In response to the challenges that we face in Nigeria, we present ourselves, organised under “Alliance for New Nigeria” (ANN), to Nigerians, for National Service. As we respond to the call to serve our country, we are awe-inspired by the wonders of nature and its vast ecosystems of which we are an integral part. We observe how interconnected we truly are, and why we must build a Nigeria, of order and harmony, that is a reflection of nature.

We look up to and are inspired by the Nigerian flag, designed in 1959 by Michael Taiwo Akinkunmi, a young Nigerian student. Our flag, hoisted at independence on the 1st of October 1960, is a symbol of our freedom and liberty. The green panels of the Nigerian flag represent fertile land and agricultural diversity. The white panel stands for peace and unity.

Never in the history of Nigeria, has the significance of the Nigerian flag, been more important, to “unite and inspire”, and to promote peace amongst Nigerians. And yet, our national flag also, reminds us of the importance of Nigeria’s Agricultural Potential, to be the catalyst for diverse value chains, in food production and food security; and for industry to create millions of decent tax-paying jobs.

But, even more important in the history of the Nigerian flag is the role that a young Nigerian played and the roles that young Nigerians now need to play, as Agents of Progressive Change, in building ‘peace and unity’ amongst us, and in taking Nigeria into a secure and prosperous future.

We invite all Nigerians to join us. We invite young and old, men and women, able and physically challenged and Nigerians with special needs. We invite the rich and poor, and indeed all Nigerians from across cultural and political orientations, who long for a much better Nigeria. We invite you, to contribute in many ways that you can: with new ideas; the credibility of your lived-experiences; families and friends; material and financial resources; and leadership at various levels, to inform, mobilise and organise people in your communities. Together, we can change Nigeria for good, for all Nigerians

ANN is a political platform and a movement, that recognises, and is grateful to the work and sacrifices of Nigerians before us. By their actions and inactions, imperfections, successes, and failures, Nigerians before us provided the scaffolding, the challenge, and now the opportunity and the audacity to hope and to believe, that we can achieve a much better Nigeria for all Nigerians. Yes, it is that vision of Nigerians before us, much bigger than ourselves as individuals or our subgroups, and the significant others. We invite all Nigerians, to unite and join our movement, be inspired and be courageous, work hard at, and be optimistic that a better Nigeria is possible. Come, become an important part of the building blocks, for a better Nigeria.

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  • where our strength results from mutual respect for our diverse cultures and we are united in diversity by the social bonds and values that bind us together as a unique country.
  • where every Nigerian is valued; and is a critical part of what makes us whole: for as it were, ‘out of many Nigerians, we are One Nigeria’.
  • where all Nigerians consider ourselves, an important link to building our country.
  • where all Nigerians are passionate and love Nigeria and are inspired to be active in our communities to serve.
  • where all Nigerians understand and are conscious of our actions and in-actions; and the potential consequences that may ‘drag’ [rather catalyse] development; and impact the prospects of fellow Nigerians and our country.
  • where all Nigerians working in the Public Sector at local, states and federal government levels are truly Public Servants who consider our roles as not just, ‘any’ and ‘only a job’, but an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of fellow Nigerians and visitors.
  •  where increasing numbers of fellow Nigerians volunteer their skills, time and resources to build a kind, caring and loving society in which no Nigerian is left behind.
  • where ordinary hardworking and compassionate Nigerians – Teachers, Nurses, Police Officers, Military men and women, ‘First Responders’, Charities, etc. – sacrificing so much and making a difference in our communities and Nigeria, are rewarded and recognised for National Investiture.
  • where increasing numbers of private (small, medium and big) businesses in Nigeria can take a much longer term view, because they have confidence in our business environments and markets, fully integrating their investments into our social, economic, technological and political structures, to continue to prosper Nigeria altogether.
  • where our weakest links are strong at home and Nigeria is respected abroad.

Yes, we believe that the Nigeria envisioned decades ago by our founding fathers is possible! ANN is inspired by the vision of our founding fathers and is inviting all Nigerians, motivated by the credibility of our own experiences in Nigeria to invest our illimitable spirit, determination and resilience to build indeed, a Nigeria, where:

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