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A New Nigeria Beckons! Where all Nigerians are “United and Inspired” and The Masses, Youths and Women are in every Policy.”

Together, we will build the “Nigerian Economy for all Nigerians”


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Thank you, to the millions of ordinary Nigerians from across Nigeria, and at home and abroad, who continue to share your experiences and expectations of a New Nigeria. The daily encounters with the challenges of ‘real life in Nigeria’, has provided the data-points, to shape The Big Agenda (Your Agenda). While The Big Agenda would continue to evolve, led by new, credible and strong evidence from Nigeria, it is now no longer time to stand by and watch as the ‘usual politicians’ continue to drag back our country. We call on ordinary Nigerians to get actively involved, organising in your communities to rescue our country from the control of the ‘politicians as usual, to realise The  Agenda for a better Nigeria, and not Their Agenda. Come join us! The Big Agenda, is an expression of the voices of the long forgotten masses. Nigerians, who are never ‘invited to the table’ and whose opinions, interests, hopes and expectations are never considered. Nigerians, who the ‘political elites’ objectify, and know, only by their numbers and labels, but uninterested in their identities and the real life experiences that ordinary Nigerians encounter daily.

Yes, honest, hardworking and long-suffering women and young Nigerians, the elderly and Nigerians with disabilities. Millions of Nigerians who have no opportunities and who are deprived basic needs. Nigerians who are at increased risk of preventable diseases and who are constantly in harms way from crime, and hunger.

Very sadly, millions of ordinary Nigerians whose ‘Agency’ and ‘rights to access’ to basic necessities of life, have been stolen away from them, die each year from causes that are absolutely preventable. This happens because ‘politicians as usual’ continue to promote and pursue regressive policies and politics, to excessively benefit only few Nigerians. Yes, corporate politicians, crony capitalists fronting for politicians – at the expense of the masses and the stability and success of Nigeria. The Big Agenda, is an existential call to all Nigerians to be part of the solution, to take action.The Big Agenda is the product of the lived-experiences of Nigerians in Nigeria and in Diaspora. It is a diagnostic and systematic response to Nigeria’s many challenges. It is different from the usual political party manifestos in Nigeria, often conceived on weak fundamentals, in deceit and indifferent to the plight of ordinary Nigerians.  The Big Agenda is based on love and passion for Nigeria and Nigerians. It is holistic and ambitious, and proffers real solution to our complex challenges. It is The Big Agenda of Nigerians, by Nigerians and for Nigerians.

The Big Agenda has been inspired and motivated by the opportunity to serve. The intention of The Big Agenda is to significantly contribute towards overcoming Nigeria’s current and emerging challenges. To facilitate the emergence of the Nigerian worldview, Nigeria’s place in the world, and to place Nigeria in a better position to positively influence the world around us for the good of all of humanity

The Big Agenda shares with Nigerians an inspirational and optimistic message. Through critical analysis and insightful thinking, The Big Agenda, shares new perspectives on the challenges that we face and offers the preferred strategic and integrated response.

The Big Agenda will fundamentally transform political discourse and governance in Nigeria. It contains progressive policies, and bold and ambitious programmes to challenge us to think and act outside of the box, to enable Nigerians achieve our full potential. The Big Agenda is challenging but realisable to best serve and meet the needs of our diverse population. The Big Agenda takes the view that only when every Nigerian has the opportunity to achieve our full potential, can we altogether be strong at home; and Nigerians and Nigeria, respected abroad.

We welcome you to explore The Big Agenda and how ANN intends to build the “Nigerian Economy that Works for All Nigerians”Please visit the various sections of The Big Agenda as you navigate our website, including:

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God Bless you.

God Bless Nigeria.

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