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Our goal, in and out of government, at Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN) is to work relentlessly and urgently, towards a Nigerian Society where no Nigerian is left behind. A Nigerian Society where every Nigerian can afford their needs for improved quality of life, and to live in peace and security.

We believe very strongly that this would give every Nigerian a better chance and enable them to achieve their full potential. This is not only about the human right of Nigerians, but also be be key stakeholders in our community to protect. It also about government earning the moral authority to govern a large and diverse population.

And, it is also about the economic prosperity of Nigeria. When we can tap into the full potential of every Nigerian, our economy will be much stronger and inclusive. When every Nigerian can have access to decent housing, regular electricity and water supply, food and nutrition, health care, education, transportation, security and employment, our country would be much better, and we would have a much happier and safer society.

God has blessed our country with abundant resources. But, we have not been able to harness our resources to benefit every Nigerian. It is so sad, that while most Nigerians struggle to survive daily, a few Nigerians continue to steal away what belongs to all of us. By making most Nigerians poorer and vulnerability, they gain from exploiting and victimising us. They take away our ‘Agency’, our voice, our independence, to continue to oppress, manipulate, exploit and dominate us. They have divided us on the basis of religion and tribe. The masses are poor, sick and unhappy. They have disunited our country and our country has become weak.

Join ANN to say, it is enough! The social harm that they inflict and thrive on will not continue to happen. We say No! ANN government will unite and inspire Nigerians to get behind an ambitious and bold social and economic programme that would ensure fairness, equality and equity. That Nigerians can determine a better and brighter future of prosperity, peace, harmony and happiness. This is the meaning of our democracy, to strengthen Nigerians, our communities and Nigeria as we progress towards a better union.

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