God Bless Nigeria

Fellow Nigerians,

God has given us a beautiful country. Nigeria is so diverse. It is also well endowed with natural resources; and full of brilliant, talented, enterprising and energetic young men and women.

But, our country has long been mismanaged. Nigeria’s potential, to provide for all Nigerians, and to be a ‘force for good’ in the world, has been limited by inept leadership, bad governance and corruption.

We all face the consequences of inept leadership, bad governance and corruption, in every part of Nigeria. High level of insecurity, unemployment, poverty, hunger and disease, to highlight a few. Painfully, fellow Nigerians continue to die from causes that we can prevent.

We cannot, should not and will not allow the current situation to continue. Do not standby, watch and continue to complain. It is about our very survival and the future of our children. The opportunity to say something and be heard ‘so loud and clear’, is here.  It is time for courage, ‘to stand and be counted’, and to be the difference. It is time to vote wisely!

Together, we are much stronger than those who continue to divide us along tribal and religious lines, to weaken us. ‘Politicians as usual’, benefit from dividing and distracting us. They stand united, in continuing to mislead us and to mismanage our commonwealth.

Come, join our movement. We welcome you, from all parts of Nigeria. We welcome Nigerians, in Diaspora. Be a member of ANN. Be a volunteer. Be a community organiser. Be an ‘activist citizen’ and agent of change. Educate, inform and mobilise your family members, friends and colleagues. Donate your time, expertise and resources. Let us make Nigeria work for all of us.

Come, let us change the current power dynamics in Nigeria, that disenables and victimises the majority of Nigerians, while few Nigerians hold us hostage. Come, let us build a strong and inclusive economy. Come, let us strengthen our democracy. Come, let us make Nigeria one of the best countries to reside in, raise a family and run your business. Come!

Dr. Jay Osi Samuels

National Coordinator, Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN)