Building Nigeria: Ten steps towards the emergence of a Better and New Nigeria (The domestic and foreign policy continuity)

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First, we need to understand that Nigeria exists within a world order.


Then, we need to understand the current world order, and the challenges and opportunities that it presents to Nigeria.


We need to understand that the current world order, forces us to make economic policy choices, relative to and limited by, Nigeria’s factor endowments.


We need to understand that the economic policy choices that Nigeria makes would have political, environmental, social and cultural impact on the polity.


We need to understand that the Nigerian population is diverse and shows wide differences in sophistication, given definitions.


We need to understand the nuances in the diversity of the Nigerian population. And, localise economic policy choices, for greater (positive) local impact. This has implications on shared prosperity, increase in social interactions and networks, well-being and stability.


We need to have a truly federal system of democratic governance to strengthen our weakest links, and to enable Nigeria overcome local and national challenges.


We need to recognise that Nigeria has been left far behind and that Nigeria faces additional challenges from a growing population and youth bulge, most not yet [enabled to] developing their hands and minds, to contribute to building Nigeria.


We need to understand the nature of the increasing threats from climate change and disruptions that Nigeria faces, and the implications on migration for livelihood and survival (within and outside of Nigeria). This has the potential to increase the risk of conflicts, given other conditions.


We need the right political structure and economic policy choices that suit Nigeria, to enable Nigeria deliver peace and security; and extend economic opportunities to all Nigerians. This would enable Nigeria to geo-strategically engage with the rest of the world – near and distant – towards its national aspirations.

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Article by David Kieghe