Water Resources

ANN believes that Nigeria can meet its water requirements for all Nigeria’s if we can harvest all of our water resources and effectively manage our water value chains (mining; treatment if necessary; packaging if necessary; distribution; responsible usage and waste reduction; and recycling) for domestic use, recreation, agriculture and industry.

We also believe that apart from, for strategic reasons and intervention, where the federal government is required to invest in water resources and supplies, local authorities and private businesses are better positioned to provide and supply water for domestic use; and for industrial uses for producing the goods and services that households need, and to support decent tax-paying jobs.

ANN government will work across-government with all relevant stakeholders to prioritise:

  • ensuring that all Nigerians have access to portable water for domestic use in our villages, towns and cities by integrating water supply to Social Housing, Schools and Health Care facilities.
  • strengthening strategic and critical water supplies for irrigation to support year-round agriculture.
  • attracting significant and long term private sector investment in water mining, treatment and supplies especially to cities and industry.