ANN believes that we cannot achieve a much better Nigeria for all  Nigerians if we do not have a reliable way of identifying all Nigerians; knowing how many we are by different groups and locations; and effectively managing our population and migration.

This information would help us to plan, connect the dots and act for the “Nigerian Economy that Works for All”, while securing our country. ANN government will work across-government with all relevant stakeholders to prioritise:

  • National Population Census.
  • National Identify and Social Security Systems.
  • Harmonisation of demographic databases and databanks.
  • Strengthening of routine registration systems.
  • Promoting responsible citizens.
  • Effectively managing our borders.
  • Gathering credible and actionable intelligence to help keep Nigerians safe and secure.
  • Reform and improving the conditions our prisons, working closely with our justice system.