ANN believes that health is key to human capital development. ANN believes that with high levels of health inequalities, Nigeria is failing Nigerians and not benefiting from its potential ‘demographic advantage’.

But, Nigeria faces two big challenges that are interconnected:

(1) very weak and fragmented health care system; and 

(2) social inequalities.

Together, these challenges continue to determine whether the life journeys of most Nigerians are spent in good health’, and are productive; or that Nigeria and most Nigerians continue to struggle to fund preventable ‘sick health’ and its ‘economic and development’ “opportunity costs”. ANN government will work with partners in States and LGAs to ensure that there is “Health in Every Policy”, as strategic investment in Nigerians to improve well-being; and to motivate and inspire  Nigerians to power our economy for all.

But, ANN also believes that we cannot achieve quality “Universal Health Coverage” that guarantees “free access at the point of need”, if we do not strengthen and integrate a mixture of third-party payment sources (including general taxation, social insurance, private insurance, etc.); and in addition, promoting healthier lifestyle and choices in communities while creatively managing potential sources of health market failure across health exchanges and the entire health care value chain.

This is why our health care strategy will be based on the Nigerian Economy that Works for All”, that is creating millions of decent tax-paying jobs, linked to Social Insurance Systems that pool resources and reduce systemic risks. We also believe that the best way to keep Nigerians well and productive in our communities, given epidemiologic and demographic transitions, is to link health care to social care by strengthening the interactions of the socioeconomic factors that determine health; and preventive and primary care. This will be a fundamental departure from current thinking, ways and doing in Health Sector in Nigeria. This new way of thinking and doing would provide the solid support for a Nigerian Health Care System that is integrated into our social and economic objectives and goals.

ANN government will therefore devolve greater responsibilities (with resources and supervision) to Local Authorities while organising our health care system to best serve Nigerians who may require/encounter secondary and tertiary health care as they journey through our health care system.

We also believe that health care has huge economic value chains that are currently locked-in. ANN government will take an industry-view of health as an economic driver to unlock its potential for health care workers, health care entrepreneurs and investors.

The priority of the Ministry of Health under an ANN government will be to:

  • Work with States, LGAs, the Legislature, private sector, development and other partners to strengthen primary, secondary and tertiary health care services by investing in all health care quality domains.
  • Work with States, LGAs, the Legislature, private sector, development and other partners to accelerate the implementation of the National Health Act 2014; improve budgetary process by health programme pathways, increase budgetary provisions for health and improve performance year-on-year; accelerate the growth and depth of a mixture of third-party payments (including the National Health Insurance Scheme) to finance compulsory basic health care to remove barriers to universal health care coverage, so that every Nigerian can access health care at the point of need, without suffering financial hardship.
  • Work with States, LGAs, the Legislature, private sector, development and other partners to invest in preventive and primary care – leveraging on health information and education; improved welfare and well-being of Nigerians; improving the Social Determinants of Health such as Housing, Sanitation, Recreation, and other basic needs. by linking Health with Social Care.
  • Work with States, LGAs, the Legislature, private sector, development and other partners to invest in tertiary health care facilities and assets to deliver quality tertiary care; training; and to conduct research for knowledge, particularly of benefit to health and the economy.
  • Work with States, LGAs, the Legislature, private sector, development and other partners (technology, telecommunication, health systems managers, etc.) to invest in integrating Nigeria Health Care System to deliver better quality continuous quality health care to all Nigerians from birth to old age.
  • Work with institutional partners (the Legislature, other MDAs, CBN, States and LGAs) and private sector partners to identify systems constraints and unlock to unleash the economic value chains for health to expose opportunities for Health Care Entrepreneurs to invest in:

    • ‘Health Manufacturing’
    • ‘Health Care Financing’
    • ‘Health Information Communication Technology’
    • ‘Health & Nutrition’
    • ‘Health Technology Research and Appraisal’
    • ‘Human Resources for Health’

This will localise Nigeria-Health-Critical value chains and create decent tax-paying jobs to continue to grow the Nigerian Economy.