Budget and National Planning

ANN believes that ‘if we fail to plan, we plan to fail’. We also believe that good and proper plans depend on credible information from valid data. We believe that Nigeria will continue to get more of the same results if our plans are not based on new and strong evidence. 

But, we also believe that a country such as Nigeria with so much natural and human talents and assets, should set ambitious plans and realistic-to-optimistic expectations giving how much room exists to retool our economy and infuse new thinking and inspire Nigerians to work towards, the “Nigeria Economy that Works for All”.

ANN government will work across-government with all relevant stakeholders (especially Ministry of Budget and Planning; Ministry of Finance; CBN; National Bureau of Statistics; National Population Commission) to prioritise:

  • Valid social, demographic and economic data for analysis for knowledge; and to inform policy and industry uses.
  • Reform budgeting processes to ensure that both the financing and expenditure sides of the budget drive economic activities that really support economic performance, that results in social benefits to all Nigerians, by linking expenditure to integrated programme pathways.
  • Promote fiscal responsibility, transparency and accountability.