About ANN

After many years of wide consultations and listening to Nigerians yearning for good governance, we decided to register Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN) with the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). ANN is a progressive political party and platform pursuing progressive policies to take away the barriers limiting Nigerians from achieving our full potential. It is the Champion of the forgotten masses whose voices are not heard and often not represented on the decision-making table.

We are inspired by the resilience and the illimitable spirit of Nigerians, who remain faithful and committed to our country, and are driving the momentum for real change. The kind of change that would unite all Nigerians behind The Big Agenda. Change that would enable all Nigerians to prosper together and be at peace with one another.

Change, that would create Opportunities for every Nigeria to dream of a better and brighter future. The kind of change, that would improve the life chances of every child born in Nigeria. The kind of change, that would enable all Nigerians achieve their full potential. Indeed, the kind of change, that would enable Nigeria provide exemplary leadership in Africa and constructively engage with the rest of the world.

ANN brings new ways of thinking about what Nigeria can achieve by accelerating investments in all Nigerians. ANN has an ambitious and optimistic message that Nigerians can reconcile with and trust.

ANN is different to other political parties in Nigeria. It has been formed by a diverse team of technocrats and ordinary Nigerians, motivated by love for country and fellow Nigerians. Nigerians who believe that the future of Nigeria is too important to leave it to the ‘usual politicians’ that have continued to polarise us for their selfish ambition. Nigerians who are proud to be Nigerian and believe that Nigeria’s better and brighter days are ahead.

ANN is the preferred platform and vehicle to take back Nigeria’ from the usual politicians, to stop the mismanagement of our country. Please come join us, from all over Nigeria to rebuild our country for the present and future generations.

ANN will ensure that Youths, Women and the Masses are in every policy. ANN will change the political discourse in Nigeria to focus on investing in the human potential of Nigerians, to produce and distribute the goods and services that we need.

ANN will pursue progressive policies that will reduce inequality and rebalance power relations to strengthen and safeguard our democracy and Nigeria. ANN is the platform for young and credible Nigerians, who are aspiring to serve our communities and country in different capacities. ANN will invest in youth leadership development in secondary and tertiary institutions, to nurture and mentor new generation of leaders with a mindset of self-sacrifice and service to fellow Nigerians and country. ANN will invest in civic education that promotes citizen’s responsibilities and community organising. ANN will continuously research for evidence and contribute policy alternatives, in and out of government, to improve governance performance at all levels to best serve Nigerians.

Our fundamental values provide us a ‘mirror’ to view ourselves constantly to be accountable. It also provides all Nigerians a ‘window’ into what motivates and drives ANN. Above all, we believe in one united Nigeria that is fair, just, equitable and that works for all Nigerians, in our diversity.

ANN believes in a rules-based Nigeria.

  • ANN believes that the Nigerian Constitution (as amended), is the fundamental law of Nigeria.
  • ANN believes in the separation of powers of the three arms of government (Executive, Legislative and Judiciary), to ensure checks and balances. That in a diverse and complex country such as Nigeria, it is necessary to continuously interrogate the structures, systems and processes of governance to improve performance and the quality of service to Nigerians.
  • ANN believes in, and appreciates the men and women of the Nigerian Armed Forces who continue to make much sacrifices so that we may continue to have our country, Nigeria.
  • ANN believes in, and appreciates the work and sacrifices of the Nigerian Intelligence Community, The Nigerian Police and other Nigerian Law Enforcement Agencies and would love the opportunity to work with them to meet the current and emerging challenges of our country. To keep all Nigerians safe and secure while ensuring that our civil liberties are protected.
  • ANN believes that our population is our greatest asset for socioeconomic growth and development.
  • ANN believes that governments work best for Nigerians, when it is closest and listening to us. And are in communication with Nigerians to understand us, and are working to meet our needs for food, housing, health care, education, jobs, safety, security, recreation, sanitation, utilities, and other basic human needs.
  • ANN believes that governments can best serve Nigerians when it builds collaborative partnerships with communities. To organise and create the environment that enables and facilitates open communication and peace. While regulating the environment in many ways for enterprise, founded on best market principles, practices and ethical values. And also, protecting and providing for the vulnerable in our society to reduce inequality and promoting solidarity amongst us.

To be the credible national party with true mass appeal based on progressive policies that would improve the life of all Nigerians and make Nigeria one of the very best countries in the world to do business and raise a family.




Compete for better outcomes








I pledge to Nigeria my country. To be faithful, loyal and honest. To serve Nigeria with all my strength. To defend her unity and uphold her honour and glory. So, help me God.


We are led by a team of professionals with a big vision for Nigeria. Dr. Jay Osi Samuels is currently the National Coordinator and leads the interim leadership of the party.