Changing The Narrative To Make Nigeria Work

Nigeria’s political scene has been dominated by the same set of individuals since the beginning of civilian rule in the second republic in 1979. Even though there have been changes political parties and formation of new ones at best, the parties are essentially of the same soul but clothed with different apparels to confuse the masses.

In 2015 a seismic wave cut through the country’s political landscape. The PDP that has hitherto ruled the country for 16 years lost power to the APC. Irrespective of what some people might want to believe, a greater majority of Nigerians wanted change and voted to enforce that. For these class of Nigerians, the results of the election are a validation of the fact that their vote counted and their voice were heard loud and clear. This has emboldened and buoyed more Nigerians with a positive outlook to 2019 when they look forward to exercise their rights to decide the path for their future. This is especially so because the government that was freely and massively voted into power by the people has been a downright disappointment. For most, the past two years have been confusing and even downright depressing.

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We started flying on the wings of an Eagle, traversing through the length and breadth of our beloved country Nigeria.

We have seen the yearnings in the heart of our people and the passion to still be great despite all we are going through.

This is the time to stand together, retire and replace all old hands and make Nigeria great again. Let’s roar and declare our stand for the alternative.


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We need to start building momentum.”

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